Tango of Destiny – Record release tour 2012

13.10.2012 Helsinki, Savoy Theatre
19.- 20.10. Paris, Paris Banlieues Festival Tango-festival
2.11. Mikkeli, Martti Talvela Hall
23.11. Lohja, Laurentius Hall
24.11. Jyväskylä, Silta Hall
25.11. Kervava, Keuda Hall
30.11. Lahti, Felix Krohn Hall
1.12. Kuopio, Kuopio Music Center
3.12. Hämeenlinna, City Theatre

Angelika Klas, vocals
Minna Tervamäki, dance (13.10. Savoy-Theater, 1.12. Kuopio Music Center and 3.12 Hämeenlinna)

Tanguedia Quintet:
Henrik Sandås, bandoneón
Suvi Kantola, violin
Jani Kivelä, electric guitar
Iikka Kotaja, piano
Olli Rantala, double bass

Jukka Rintala, the dresses of the soloists

The enchanting singer Angelika Klas, star dancer Minna Tervamäki and the winner of the international Piazzolla-competition in Italy, the highly talented Tanguedia Quintet present an unforgettable concert experience with the most beloved classics of Finnish tango. We will hear stories of different human destinies – stories of joy, sorrow,loss, love and passion. Tangos by Mononen, Kärki and Bruk are accompanied by brand new tangos by composers Kirmo Lintinen and JukkaLinkola. The dresses designed by Jukka Rintala give a dramatic visual expression to the show. The insightful arrangements by Timo Ala-Kotila, Iikka Kotaja, Olli Rantala and Henrik Sandås transform the classic tangos into unparalelled, passionate concert tango.

The melancholic bandoneón, the lyrical violin, the soulful dance by Minna Tervamäki and the spellbinding interpretations by Angelika Klas take you into the world of finnish tango: a trip deep into the finnish soul landscapes. This is one of the definitive highlights of the
autumnal concert season!